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Gaming news

PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 update brings Season 11, What’s new

PUBG Mobile will be going to update the 0.16.5 version with Season 11.PUBG Mobile season 10 is about to end and as always we are expecting new updates with new season 11. A new season will be live on 10th January. PUBG Mobile Season 11 will start from 10th January Friday at 7:45 am NST.

PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 What’s new

The new update will bring a host of new features such as skins, new themes, new outfits, accessories, etc. A new theme of Season 11 is unique and stylish that will be loved by everyone. The m416 skin is added to the royal pass which is lovable and stylish. There are two Royal Pass, Elite Upgrade and Elite Upgrade Plus that are always available every season.

If you will make 100 RP in Season 11, you will get 600 UC free without spending money.

Here are all the items that are coming in the new update,

  • M416 skin
  • Stylish bags skin
  • Stylish Pan skin
  • One helmet skin
  • New parachute
  • New black male/female outfits
  • New emote
  • Mini-14 skin might be in level 60
  • 100 RP Rewards
  • New characters and voice chat

You can watch this video for more info ( credit: Mr, Ghost Gaming)

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Moonshades: A Dungeon RPG Offline Game Download Now

Moonshades a dungeon crawler RPG is a first-person offline RPG game for android. The style of the game seems to give the feeling of old RPG games. The game is an excellent blend of modern skills and loots with classic dungeon platforms and monsters. Here is the detailed Review of Moonshades: A Dungeon RPG.

Moonshades Detailed Review

This is a first-person offline adventure RPG game. The gameplay, graphics, and control are good and it is well optimized for low-end devices. A wonderful dungeon crawler, filled with puzzles, quests, loot and secret places. In the game, you have to control two different players in a hand. It has tons of fun and reminds you of the old school games. Moonshades a dungeon crawler RPG has some fair challenges to it like finding hidden areas or needed key. You can get lots of enemies behind the secret things and defeat them to survive.

Sometimes gameplay is a little difficult because you need to open some doors by the key, and finding the key is difficult. Some enemies aren’t overpowered and you have to wait to get certain items again. This game enjoyable to play and it doesn’t give you ads.

Moonshades: A Dungeon RPG Offline Game

Moonshades A dungeon crawler RPG Features

  • This game is completely ad-free
  • You don’t have to spend money, it’s free
  • You can fight in real-time for fabulous loot
  • Discover other explorers traces
  • Thousand of upgradable items such as weapons, armors, accessories, etc
  • Investigation of the wonder of the magic forge
  • It feels like you to play 90s games and old school games
  • Very easy to use interface
  • beautiful graphics

Device Requirement

  1. RAM 1GB or Above
  2. System: Android 4.0 or above
  3. Minimum CPU: Snapdragon

Overall, This game is fun and enjoyable.

Moonshades Game Download on Android↗

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Gaming news

Bright Memory Mobile Game Now available on Android

Bright Memory is coming to mobile after getting success from the console. This is a first-person action shooting game. Bright Memory Mobile has launched a test server to get gameplay feedback for future updates. You can also pre-register for the game. Here is the detailed review of this game.

Bright Memory Mobile Detailed Review

This is a first-person action shooting game, the players can control abilities and create a set of impressive combos with a combination of skills. It has high realistic physics and graphics that make you feel like you’re playing a game on the console. You must fight with the different creatures in the game. Some creatures have a high ability which is not possible without having a high ability with good skills.

The game has a simple UI interface. The gameplay is smooth and the virtual joystick can be adjusted. The joystick is not as smooth but it’s ok. Bright Memory Mobile has many weapons and power ability to defend the enemy. The weapon has a holographic red dots and the mirror is more accurate. There are many skills and abilities which is held by lady character such as cool down dodge skills, Knife beam, remote hook lock, etc. The rich skills make the bracing combat effect.

Bright Memory Mobile download
Image sources: Playstore

The background music is scary and the plot is dubbed in a great effort. The texture of the game environment and enemies is dull. If it has more graphics setting, it can run some middle-class devices. The developer team can learn from other high-quality games in terms of image quality, shadow processing and try to optimize it as much as possible. This game can run in high-end devices so low-end device users can’t play this game.

Bright Memory Game Features

  • Great physic and great gameplay
  • Simple UI interface
  • High-end battle with creatures
  • A lot of ability and weapons
  • An adventure story of SRO
  • Console gameplay experience

Device Requirement

  1. RAM 3GB or Above
  2. System: Android 9.0 or above
  3. Minimum CPU: Snapdragon 820

Bright Memory download on Android (play store pre-register)

Download On TAP(Download Test)

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Bright memory mobile android release date?

Bright memory mobile currently in a beta phase. You can download and play it. This beta phase (trail) will resume shortly after its completion.

Gaming news

Strike Royale Fast-paced 3v3 shooting Moba game

Fireforce Game studio presents Strike Royale which is a fast-paced 3v3 shooting MOBA game released in android devices. If you like strategy 3v3 shooting games, you like definitely like this one. It has the ultimate heroes and best-controlling experience. The gameplay is good and competitive so far and matchmaking is also good. Here is the detailed review of Strike Royal.

Strike Royale Detailed Review

It has great graphics and can run smoothly on the android device. You can team-up with your friends and load up for the great battles. This game has a rich variety of heroes who are waiting for your selection. You can create your skills to command the huge battle. Easy to learn battle and can be referred your friend for team-up.

The gameplay is cool and the character, graphics, skills, map too. The UI experience is good and the background music is very nice. There is also a high frame rate mode if your mobile supports. If you have a 1.5 GB RAM on your android device, there is not a single lag in the Strike Royale game. In the future, more heroes and more modes might come for a better gaming experience.

If it has a 5v5 mode, it will be better for the gaming experience. During the tutorial, you can face an encountered crash. You can get new heroes every month or in new updates but to be better if describe the skills of those heroes properly.

Strike Royale Game Features

  • Fastest 3v3 shooting action MOBA game ever
  • Ultimate heroes and good controlling experience
  • Plenty of battle modes
  • Play freely
  • Amazing gaming maps
  • Good stable connection
  • Daily rewards

Overall, Strike Royale is the best online 3v3 fast-paced action shooting game.

Green Glass an open-world adventure Game – Download now

Download On Android from Play store↗

Download on Android From TapTap↗

Gaming news

Marvel Super War Beta Released on Android & IOS! Download It

Marvel Super War Beta has been released on android and ios in Asian countries. The game is currently launched in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, and the Philippines. For other regions, you must use a VPN to play this game.

Marvel Super War Game Review

This Marvel Super War game developed by Netease games which is marvel’s first MOBA game on mobile. If you are a big fan of the Marvel universe, you will love to play different superhero characters in the game. You can play your favorite character choosing heroes and villains. Each character has their personal special power.

This is a 5v5 arena real-time battle game. You can team up with your friends and choose favorite superheroes or villains. It is X-men v/s avenger, Deadpool v/s spiderman, ironman v/s captain marvel.

Game features

  • Simple control and High action
  • Team up 5v5 real-time
  • Superhero vs super villains
  • Decent combat and balanced gameplay
  • Good graphics, as usual in MOBA games
  • Heroes appearance same as the movie, comics, and other games
  • Well background music

If you are not in Asian countries, you have to use a VPN with those region servers. Download UFO VPN or whatever you used in the past but must be connected in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, and the Philippines ( recommend to download UFO Vpn and connect with Philippines or India servers). The Marvel Super War is in the beta phase. In the future, they improve their combat, graphics, music, etc.

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Requirement Minimum Specification for this game

IOS = iPhone 5s+

Android : CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 425, Ram: 2GB, GPU: Adreno 308, OS: Android 5.1 and plus

Marvel Super War Beta Download From Playstore↗ / Tap Tap↗

Gaming news PUBG Tips and Tricks

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.15.0 New Update|TDM Mode, Custom Room etc

Good news guys, PUBG Mobile lite recently launched new update 0.15.0 with TDM Mode and Custom with, etc. The TDM mode is the most awaited Mode in the PUBG Mobile Lite. The Custom Room is also added along with TDM Mode. A new lobby has been added as a winter lobby.

TDM Mode in PUBG Mobile Lite

A most awaited TDM Mode is in PUBG Mobile lite and it came in PUBG Mobile Lite Beta too. The TDM or Team Death Match mode is a fast-paced match where several players can join with the team partners. You can’t play this mode without your friends.

Custom Room

A Custom Room added in a new update . You can play custom Room with your friends. In Custom Room, the player who creates the room can set the map, and teams. Anyone with the Room ID and password can join the room.


Now, You can add clan in PUBG Mobile lite . The clan system will make it easier for friends to team up. They can also work together to complete clan challenges. The clan system also helps in a ranks to unlock new rewards.

More New features

Here are the more new features in PUBG Mobile Lite 0.15.0

  • Erangle map change into Varenga
  • TDM : warehouse mode in EvoGround
  • New winter Lobby

Note: Note: this update starts today (12/18/2019.) In many countries this update is not shown. Please wait a few hours, after that you will see the latest update to PUBG Mobile Lite 5.5, TDM mode, custom room and more.

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.15.0 TDM Mode Update It from Here,
Gaming news

“Dragon Raja” CyberPunk MMORPG Pre-registration! English Version

Dragon Raja is going to release soon by the Tencent game. Dragon Raja is the masterpiece MMORPG game on mobile with an excellent experience that is about to be launched soon. Pre-registration start now, You can pre-registration by Tap Tap app and Google play. This is the global version where players can participate all over the world.

Dragon Raja Android Game OverView

Dragon Raja android game is a fantastic mobile MMORPG game with astonishing graphics. You can experience Pve and Pvp on mobile while exploring the massive world. It is an open world and a high octane action game. This is an epic MMORPG game that can play with friends and other online multiplayer. The antique dragons that used to rule the world are about to wake up from their deep rest and they attempt to rule the world again with fierce power. But humans with their freedom in their hearts will not yield to Dragon’s power again.

They even risk their lives to become Mixtures of human and dragon in order to save the world out of the Dragon’s persecution by equipping with most superior gears and using the enemy’s power. As the elite human beings with great talents

How To Pre-registration Dragon Raja Android Game

Here is the Dragon Raja Pre-registration process:

  1. Open Playstore or Tap Tap app
  2. Click Pre-registration

The Dragon Raja android game will be launched in the first quarter of 2020. Many players from the worldwide are waiting for this hardcode MMORPG action game on mobile. This is one of the most awaited games in 2020. It was launched in China where it achieved great success and is coming globally with the English version.

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5 Best Video Cutter App for Android to Cut and Trim Video Easily

apps review

5 Best Video Cutter App for Android to Cut and Trim Video Easily

Hello Guys, Usually, we download videos from YouTube. But there is a problem with the YouTube video that introduces the channel or something else. There are many video cutter App that can be cut and trim useless clips from videos. We let you know the best video and song cutter app for android.

YouCut – Video editor &video maker

YouCut is the #1 video cutter android app that has the top features. You can cut and trim video to the length you need, and make a wondrous video. It doesn’t give you a watermark on your videos. YouCut is a free app that doesn’t sell any ads. You can change the background color, add new filters, add nicely music, compress and convert video, slideshow maker and many more. I think this is the best apps to cut videos.

AndroVid- Video cutter app, Video Editor App

AndroVid is an easy to use and best photo cutter, editor and trimmer app for Tiktok videos, youtube videos, and other videos. You can trim and cut redundant parts of videos, merge videos, add music, add fx and filter, change video aspect, rotate and flip, etc. All the tools in the AndroVid are a perfect and extremely easy app for cutting videos. It has all the features that we need to edit Fabolous videos.


VidTrim is the best video trimmer app that includes multiple features like Merging, Trimming, grabbing, video effect, extract audio, convert video to mp3, and more. This app supported many more languages such as Turkish, German, French, Russian, Chinese, English, etc. If you are trying to shorten the video instant but unable to do so, VidTrim is the best video trimmer and video cutter application for android.

Easy Video Cutter

Easy Video Cutter is another app that is very useful for merge and cute videos. You can cut video, merge video, extract MP3, mute video, rotate video 90 degrees to 270 degrees, add filters and more. Easy Video cutter can convert your video into an animated GIF file. You can access all images, edited videos, MP3 song files, and GIFs in one place. It gives you the option to render as a whole file without encoding.

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Video Audio Cutter

If you want to make ringtone by cutting audio or video, the Video Cutter app can make your mp3 ringtone fast with this app. It supports MP3 audio, WAV, MP4, and most other music formats. You can cut music, trim music, cut video and trim, make ringtone, etc. This app is a very beneficial and simply excellent interface with powerful features. Only one thing can irritate you while editing audio or video, that is ads but you can either upgrade to premium or watch ads to rids from irritating.

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apps review

Top Best sticker App For Android to add a beautiful sticker on Photo

Nowadays, if you want to share some special love feelings with girlfriends, friends, relatives, you need to share cute stickers. Sometimes your keyboard’s stickers aren’t enough to express your emotions on photos. We’re going to talk about the best sticker app for Android to add a beautiful sticker on Photo.

Emoji Photo Sticker Maker Pro

Emoji Photo Sticker maker pro is a free app for adding beautiful and cutesy emoji on your photo. It can make funny photos and can express your mood. It has 1500+ emoji images and smileys pictures that can satisfy your sticker desire. If you are laughing, you can add a laughing sticker in the photo. You can add a beautiful sticker on photos according to your mood. This is the best photo app sticker for android, you should try once.

Photo Editor Filter Sticker & Selfie Camera Effect

It is a convincing photo editor app, collage photo, text with layout and stickers. You get the 200 + emoji and sticker in this app. Photo Editor Filter Sticker is easy to use and add emoticons to your photos with emojis smiles. It has not the only sticker, you can decorate the photo and reshape pictures with one tap. There are many funny animals face stickers such as dog face, cat face, rabbit face, etc. Overall, This app is enough to make an adorable picture and the best sticker App For Android.

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Stickers Photo Editor

Sticker Photo Editor is a tremendous collection of beautiful and cool stickers. Edit your fashionable images with easy by adding beautiful and fashionable stickers from their collections. There are also a lot of effects and funny stickers and features to apply to your images. You can add a fresh mustache and beard sticker to get a wondrous look. If you are related to India, you will be happy because you get Pagari and Punjabi stickers. Sticker Photo Editor is the most desirable sticker app for photos.

Photo Editor SquarePic Stickers

You can post-snap photos with your friends or relatives by making charming photos from this app. Do you want to mix the emojis and word on your picture?. SquarePic sticker provides the snap text and emoji function for photos. In this app, you can find many emojis along with stickers and animals’ faces. This app has amazing filters for you that can be used to make you look gorgeous. Overall, It is the best sticker App For Android.

Photo Editor & Filter, Sticker, PIP

This app lets you create a pic in pip with wonderful stickers, filters, and effects. You can add a cute nose, cute eyes and cute ears to your photos with the cat and dog face camera filters. There are 100+ amazing stickers and effects will give you the wondrous picture. It has a face swap tool that creates a picture with beautiful stickers. This app is a lovely photo editor and photo sticker apps for android. This app is also transcendent to use for writing personalized messages and scrapbooking memories.

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Face Camera – Live Filter, Selfie photo

This face camera app has a bunch of live filters and sticker which is very good to make your photo the best. You can change the shape of eyes and face which is impressive. If you use Snapchat, you must download this app to get impressive looks. There is cute, hot, funny and lots of stickers to use. I personal thought, the best thing about this app can edit your pictures the way you cant. Overall, the Face Camera app is the most competent sticker apps for pictures.

Thug Life Stickers: Pic Editors

Nowadays thug life images are being viral over social media. If you want to make some thug life meme, the thug life sticker app can help you. There are a bunch of sunglasses and cool stickers with famous tattoos. It offers the most variety of options and stickers which is enough to make funny thug life photos. This is the best thug life sticker app and also the best sticker app for android.