What is Affiliate Marketing or programs? How to do Affiliate Marketing?


 Affiliate Marketing is a referrals program where you are the merchant. After joining an affiliate program you get a product to sell your visitor or reader. If those people purchase your affiliate product you will get up to 10% commission. Affiliate Marketing has a large scope you can promote your product through the website, blogger and social media site. Everybody do Affiliate Marketing Blogger, Youtubers, and Digital Marketers. Many Affiliate Marketers says that the secret trick to becoming the richest is Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is not easy and not also hard. First, learn and earn.


 How to do Affiliate Marketing

1) Choose Your Niche

First of all, choose your niche about what are you interested in. If you are interested in Technology, Fashion whatever you interested in. make a simple blog as your niche.while choosing a niche to think about which contents product do you want to review because of its effects on SEO. Examples if you want to sell fashion product through the blog better write your niche and contents about fashion blogs.

2)  Build a blogger or website

You can build a site through blogger or WordPress as your niche. make a good format and good design your blog look great. After that promote your blogs through social media and others blogs. Do SEO and Make backlink get a maximum traffic on your site.

3) Research Affiliate programs 

 After choosing a nice niche and made a blog, you can research which affiliate programs are good for beginners. There are many affiliate programs like Clickbank, Amazon, Blue host, Shareasale, Commission Junction and many more. If you are the beginner I recommend Amazon Affiliate because its best.

▪ Amazon Affiliate programs 

Amazon is the most popular American E-Commerce company. The large variety of products are available here. You can be a merchant in Amazon through Affiliate programs. You can simply signup from here and start your destiny from  Affiliate programs.

Blue Host Affiliate programs

Blue host is a hosting provider website. You can do Affiliate programs through the Blue host. It provides a custom banner for every click-through link and signup you receive $65 dollars.
Signup from here

4) Choose an awesome product and contents

After that main thing remember you must choose an excellent product. If you do Affiliate Marketing on Amazon you can receive 1% to 10% commision in different category product. If you sell Videos games and console on Amazon Affiliate Marketing through, you will get only 1% discount, for example, someone buys a games console at 50$ you will get 0.5$. I recommend for all if you want high commissions you can sell women fashion and get 10% commission. after choosing a good product to write a review on your blog including all the features.

5) Build a buyer or audience

After choosing a good product build an audience through blogs and social media site. Do a lot of hard work make an audience agree to buy a product. Give your review, SEO about the product info. Maximum visitors come from Google by keyword. If your contents and keyword are used properly you will get lots of audiences. Lots of people do a review of the product on youtube and give you a link in the description thus they build a buyer an audience. You can do same create a youtube channel same as a niche, facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more.

6) Promote your product

At the last, without promoting you are a zero. This the time where you have a lot of friends on social media. You can easily promote your product through facebook, twitter, WhatsApp etc.we are in the 21st century our connection is worldwide through different types of social media, email, and internet.
we can easily promote our Affiliate products.


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