Daily earn 500$ From Facebook .is it Possible? Facebook Video monetization


Facebook is wide and big social media networking site, where you can make several friends and start chatting, posting, commenting many more. Till now, we stay on facebook without any reasons.
peoples use facebook for timepass and tension relief. More than, two billion people use Facebook and 1.8 million monthly active users.

Until now, we post lots of funny and sad videos on facebook still not get anything besides fun and entertainment. Facebook recently launched a Video monetization new feature on Facebook so good news for all Facebook users. Now you can earn lots of money through facebook by videos posting but there are an eligibility and availability. The main process both eligibility and availability are given below.


1) Make a Facebook Page 
First of all, make a beautiful page if you have already then no problem simply skip this number.
you have a no idea how to make a facebook page search on google or youtube. You cannot use currently Facebook Video monetization on your profile. 

2) Post a Video 
after that, make videos more than 3-minute if videos are less than 3 minutes you are not eligible for Facebook Video monetization. Be careful, Facebook Video monetization only available for a page so that post a video on a page.

3) Followers  and views 

If you want to monetization your page must be 10000 followers or like if its less than this you would not be Video monetization. Others important things is viewers or watch time .monetization  system is like a youtube you must have total 30000 views. If your videos watch time less than 1 minute it’s not counted by facebook. If someone watches your videos more than 1 minute its count.


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