The Top 5 Smartphones 2018.Samsung, iPhone, Huawei p20


There are lots of smartphones in the market but few get virals because of functions and brand. Today we are going to a discussion about The Top 5 Smartphones 2018 Samsung,iPhone, Huawei, one plus. Huawei p20 is a top in 2018 smartphones list and also Samsung galaxy s9, Samsung Galaxy Note9, iPhone X and Oneplus. Huawei p20 kick out Samsung and get a huge sale in 2018. Up to now mid-year, these smartphones catch a huge market but many smartphones are waiting to release till the end this year.

The Top 5 Smartphones 2018

1) Huawei p20 pro

Huawei p20 is released in March 2018 it gets a huge range of sale in a short period. The best things is its superfast processor and camera. It has 40 MP 3 backward cameras this looks unique. It has a long battery life 4000mh. This is the smartphone if describe in one sentence best smartphone of 2018. It has also 8GB octa-core processor make your gaming better and faster then other smartphone does. Huawei p20 comes with latest android oreo 8.1 version. Don’t fear if you drop your Huawei p20 is in water because it’s water resistance. Huawei p20 pro price is 734.99$ on Amazon.

2) Samsung galaxy s9 and s9 plus

Samsung is the biggest company in the world every year we get better performance smartphone. Samsung recently lunch galaxy s9 and s9 plus both are amazing smartphones. Samsung galaxy has an infinity big screen phone looks stunning and unique. It has a 2 big Dolby speaker sounds give you goosebump. Samsung galaxy s9 run smothly because it has a Snapdragon processor and 6 GB ram. It’s more secure with face recognition lock screen. The battery life definitely not bad. Samsung galaxy s9 plus has more battery than Samsung galaxy s9. Overwell Samsung galaxy s9 and s9 plus are great phones.

3) Samsung Galaxy Note9

Samsung promises you to deliver excellent smartphones. This is so expensive smartphone because of its great camera, great battery, great performance, everything great. Samsung Galaxy Note9 fix all bugs and I really like its great display gives us smooth touch experience. It has a great sound effect. Samsung Galaxy Note9 has a long-lasting battery life you will be tired but this smartphone never. Its do a better performance with 6 Gb RAM and 512 GB internal memory. The camera is also outstanding you can click a perfect picture any time anywhere. This is the best smartphone of the world money worth it.

4) iPhone X

Apple is a big company in the world who makes an iPhone. Looks is amazing its small size than others expensive smartphones but looks great.iPhone X is a shiny outstanding phone that fell good.
while scrolling facebook, twitter, others social media it’s fast and awesome touching experience. It has an awesome display and a powerful camera. The best function is the fingerprint lock screen and face lock screen can secure your phone a lot.iPhone X comes with 6GB RAM and 64 GB expandable memory. It has 2 rear cameras both are 12MP and 7MP front camera.iPhone X is the top smartphone 2018.

5) One plus 6

One plus 6 is a clear glass design smooth high-performance smartphone. It has both fingerprint and face detector. One plus 6 has a full HD 6.2 inches display screen can joy lots of games. Best things on this phone it’s 300$ price because no one company gives you high capacity phones with this price. Many users love with its battery performance, internal memory, a good speaker in this cheap price. The battery performance of One plus 6 is really interesting. OnePlus 6 is the most anticipated phone of the year. This is the best smartphone in 2018 anyone can afford this price. It has a 6GB RAM and 64GB internal memory with snapdragon octa-core processor.


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