make money on mobile without it possible?


Yes, it’s possible to make money on mobile without investment. Many peoples are unemployed all over the world wherefore not, they don’t have a skill wherefore that they don’t know how to do it. Everybody thinks that “I have a not any laptop or window so I can’t do it ” it’s totally wrong without window, you can do it with a smartphone. Today, they are lots of platforms where you can build your skill and earn money. You know about youtube, a blogger you also know they give you money but you have a no idea how to do it. Many platforms like youtube and blogger they give you a real money. You can earn money on mobile without investment.

1) Youtube

Youtube gives you money on mobile without investment. There are lots of videos being upload every second. We all have a knowledge and interest on some niche. You can make videos about your favorite niche and upload it on youtube. First of all, you must have a youtube channel so after that, you can upload your videos. You can earn money on mobile without investment through videos posting on youtube.

      How to eligible to earn money on Youtube

Every year channel and videos posted rates are increasing due to the craze of youtube so that youtube makes and enforce strict rules. Recently youtube lunch new policy of youtube video monetization about watch time and subscriber. The new policy of youtube eligible to earn money you must have 4000 watch time and 1000 subscriber.If less than this you can not eligible to earn money.

        How much money can earn from Youtube

If you eligible to earn money, You can earn per 1000 views 5$ depend on a country If your viewers are from USA, Canada, the UK you can get a lot of earning. Youtube takes 45%and you will get 55% every ad that runs your videos.

2) Blogs/Website

As you know that blogs give you lots of money if you have a less knowledge about blogging you can search on youtube and start earning. Choose a good topic and make a better blog. You can make a blog through Blogger or WordPress.If you are a beginner I recommend a Blogger because it”s simple and easy. You have a large screen smartphone you can easily customize themes and post on mobile.
There are lots of apps on play store customize better a blog without pc. So that, you can Earn money on mobile without investment making a good blog. A blog is easy and free no need investment. Blogger and WordPress is totally free hosting site no need any investment but if you want to buy a custom domain(.com, .org, .edu  etc) you need to pay some money.

                 What are the best Topic in the blog

▪ Health

▪ Insurance
▪ Education
▪ Places
▪ Entertainment

  3) Freelancing

  Freelancing is one of the best popular online jobs. If you have a skill you can join and start earn huge money. Oh, don’t worry if you have a skill about a create an account on facebook you can get a gob. You thought I am joking now it’s wrong I am not joking I want to say that honestly, skill has a no limitation. Just small to small work can be accepted in freelancer. You have others skill like web development, online teaching, editor, writer etc can get a higher job offer on freelancer.   Freelancer has two types of people one is a job giver and other is an employee. The company offers a job for you after seeing your job skills on a profile. You can join free and show your skill on a profile job giver will search and gives you to do their job at a reliable price. You can do this work on mobile but sometimes it also needs a pc or laptop. You can earn money on mobile without investment with freelancing

          Which is the best site of Freelancing

▪ up work↗
▪ Elance↗
99designs↗(if you are a designer)

4) Affiliate Marketing 

The best trending online earning platform Affiliate Marketing. 


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