Top 3 professional video editing android app 2018|PowerDirector, Viva videos


1)  KineMaster 

Kinemaster is one of the most popular fully feature professional video editing app. It produces good quality HD videos. The layers open up massive possibilities for pip all videos and while out and about. Kinemaster is bringing a new feature in every update. KineMaster video editing app is easy to use and produce good quality videos. You can edit any 4K videos in Kinemaster. It has a chroma key that lets you insert or add background images whatever you may want. You can make a good youtube video without a pc. It’ s easy to use, trimming and adding text. It is a best professional video editing app 2018. This is the best editor choice video editing app I recommend for all.

2) Viva videos

Viva videos is a top professional video editing app you can create a high profile music video with it. You can make a beautiful picture colleague and make your journey videos better. It has some interesting filters that make a beautiful picture. Viva videos is a user-friendly app you can edit videos on the go and it’s editing is also super fast. Viva videos is an absolutely free app with over 300 million users in the worldwide. It has a lot of themes, sticker, and function that can be your favorite app. You can share your edited videos on Facebook and Instagram. Great feature, easy to use, definitely worth downloading.

3) PowerDirector

PowerDirector is the best editing app ever. It can be used for youtube videos and personal videos. It is the best editing app you can do voice over and add music from your playlist. This is the awesome editing app very flexible and full of advanced tool that makes your picture super cool. If you have a zero knowledge of editing skill it can help with several tutorials. You can make 4k quality videos with PowerDirector.PowerDirector can create anything there is no lag, no boring ads, and also so many tools to edit awesome videos. You can cut videos, reverse them, change the speed, add music, put voice over and much more.


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