3 most importing setting to save your battery life on Android


At present time, People, who do not use the mobile phone might not find it in the world. From child to old man, every person has a smartphone. When we get some leisure time, we start using a mobile phone for a facebook or game. Sometimes, we forgot to charge then we are upset. Today, I am going to tell about top 5 most importing setting to save your battery on android. It will work on also ios platform but the setting is different.

5 most importing setting to save your battery life

Restricted Background Data

If you restrict background data, your battery and data will be saved. Many apps consume too much data and charge so that you can turn off them from setting through Restricted Background Data. This is the most importing setting to save your battery life

How to Turn on “Restricted Background Data”

  1. Go to the setting, you will see “Data usage” under the Network &setting option, click on it
  2. Next, there is a “Data saver” which is off, click on it and it will be open
  3. If there is a no Data saver option, click 3 dots in right side 
  4. Now all is set

Turn Off Location

Chrome, weather, apps, map apps, and social apps might want to pin your location. They don’t invariably have to be compelled to have that ability, therefore, you’ll tweak however typically they grab your location. Turn off location through your setting and save battery life.

How to Turn Off Location

  1. Go to the setting, there is a “Security & Location” option, Click on it
  2. After that, scroll down, you will see the “Location” under the privacy section
  3. Next turn off it 
  4. All done, It’s never going to be automatically

Auto Updated Apps

The installed app automatically updates so that this will reduce your battery percentage. You can turn off it from google play store setting, follow this instruction.

How to Turn Off Auto Updated Apps

  1. Go to the “Play store”  
  2. Next, there is a “setting option” (swipe the right side the setting will appear)
  3. After that click on it
  4. You will see the “Auto-update app”, Click on it
  5. At last, save as “Don’t auto-updated apps” and exist
  6. Done,


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