Save data and money on Android phones


You have 1 Gb data, but that data is over shortly after you get angry and you do not have to get data from the next time. This is not your only problem, it is a problem of many people. You may not know some settings of the mobile so that lots of money lost on the data.

Today I am going to tell you some important settings that will help you save a lot of data on Android phones.

Save data and money on Android phones

Save data and money on Android phones

Data Saver On 

If you have used the Internet from the package data, then you first need to close the background data. Data saver setting is available on all Android mobile devices. To save the data, you need to go through setting then turn on data.

Turn Off Automated Update

Turn off automatic updates or set it to wifi only from play store setting. Rather manually update apps that require an update because the update system on android doesn’t actually update an app. It redownloads the newer version of the app and reinstalls it all over again on a device. This auto update thing can eat up a huge chunk data every month which can go all the way up to a couple of gigabytes of data each time you update the apps. It’s always recommended to only update app that you use the most and do check what the new update brings in.
How to Turn Off Automated data

  1. Go to play store Setting 
  2. Next, there is Auto-updated apps option click it
  3. After that, you can see 3 options but you must select “Don’t auto-update app” 
  4. Done


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