Speed up your Android device without any software


Initially when Android device is new, then it’s going on well but later, it seems worthless. We download the cleaner apps to make our smartphone faster, but the phone gets worse even worse. If you want to speed up your Android device without any software, change some of your settings in your mobile like the animation style and Uninstall unwanted Apps.

Today I am going to tell you about the animation and others important setting as well as how to speed up the device.

Speed up your Android device by closing Animation 

 Devices take some time before a screen is loaded on another screen, that time is the window animation. If you stop window animation on your device than your mobile will run faster and also apps will be opened soon.

Window Animation

To turn off the window animation and speed of your Android device, follow the simple steps below.

  1. Go to the mobile Setting
  2. On the last Setting or within the System, you will see About phone option,  click on it
  3. Then, you will see the Build number option, press it 6 times
  4. Now, you can see the Developer options in the setting, click on it
  5. If you see the Developer option is On then there is a Window animation scale, Transition Animation Scale and Animation duration scale under the Drawing section
  6. Press the Animation scale, the Transition Animation Scale and the Animation duration scale and get Animation Off
  7. Done 

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      Speed up your Android device by others Method

      Not only because of animation, but also for many reasons your device gets slow. You can Speed up your Android Device by following a few things below.

      Check Update

      Keep your device up to date because the device’s performance can increase in every new update. To update your Android device, go to About Phone Options, which is in Settings.

      Uninstall and Disable Unwanted Apps

       Disable or uninstall apps that you did not use. If some of the system apps that do not use, you can disable it. You can not uninstall system apps but can be disabled. Go to the app manager to disable the apps, which is in the setting. This way also Speed up your Android device without any software.


      Restart makes your Android device fresh. Restart your device once in 5 days.

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