EDV Result 2020 Out Now ! dv lottery


Electronic Diversity Visa is known as a green card holder. EDV 2020 is out now, you can check through official site of DV lottery.  The Embassy was processing  DV-2020 visa lottery cases started from October 1, 2019, to September 30. You can check EDV 2020 result on mobile or computer by using google chrome and other browser apps.

EDV Result 2020 Out Now

How to Check EDV Result 2020 

1)  Go to DV lottery state↗  

 ( Note :  Currently,  Offically site of DV lottery state has down/crash . Maybe huge of traffic cause a site crash . So have to wait till they fix it and try again and again)

EDV Result 2020 Out Now

There you find a dialogue box where you have to enter your confirmation number

dv lottery nepal

3)   Fill the form of the family last name(Example = my name is Aakash Thapa so my last name is Thapa )

dv lottery nepal

4)  Next, you can see Years of Birth dialogue box where you have to enter your birth years (Example = My birth years is 1997

5)  Then, Fill the form of authentication and press the submit button.

    dv lottery nepal

    Good luck! ? and if you unsuccess this time then better luck for next time? ?? .


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