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Download Face App on your mobile and change your face to different looks. Nowadays Face app challenge is being viral. Face app can change your face look through the most advanced neural portrait editing technology. Click beautiful selfie and transform a selfie into different forms. The Face app is becoming popular as it performs selfie editing and makes people older or younger

Download Face app free

Face App Features

  • Change hair color and style
  • Change your face to different looks 
  • Swap gender
  • Amazing tattoos
  • Lots of colors filter
  • You can add a beautiful smile on your face
  • Glasses
  • Hair colors and Hairstyle
  • makeup
  • Beard
  • Age change
  • many more
  • Add beautiful smile
  • Can replace background

Change Hair color and style

Download Face app free
You can change the color of your original hair in different hair such as black, blonde, brown, red, and tinted. If your image is clean and HD, the Face App can change the color of your hair in 80 % accuracy.

Change your face to different looks

Download Face app free
Nowadays, Face App challenge is going viral on the internet. Many Facebook users and Twitter users are taking this challenge to see the face of old age. You can change your face from a smooth face to a beard. You can add good tattoos to your body that look realistic. The Face App is not only made for ages, but you can also edit your photos. It has many filters and editing tools that help make your photo look beautiful.
I think Face App is the best face changing app for mobile.
Note:  It only works if the Internet is available and read the privacy policy before downloading the app.

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