8 Best Calorie Counter App In 2019 – Gain or Lose Weight


Hello,?? welcome to my new article where I’m going to tell you the 8 Best Calorie Counter App In 2019. On a busy schedule, we cannot eat well and sometimes we eat too much. As a result, we are either thick or thin. In that case, this great calorie counter application can help you get fit.

Best Calorie Counter App in 2019

YAZIO Calorie Counter

YAZIO Calorie Counter is one of the best Calorie counter app in 2019. You can manage your daily food diary, lose and gain weight, and track your activities. This app is very easy to use and can be used to increase or decrease weight. You get a calorie table with over 1 million best foods. Track your daily proteins, fat, crab as well as calories through this app. YAZIO Calorie Counter is a complete package of diet plans.

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Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is the most rated and most downloaded Calorie Counter and fitness app in the play store. It can track your daily foods, water, exercise, nutrition and many more. This app lets you know the daily routine through notification alert. You should name the food you eat in this app to get the best results. They have more than 10 million foods in their database including cuisines and global items. You can customize the nutrition values of meals and also scanning barcodes is a lifesaver as it saves time and is more accurate. MyFitnespal is the most accurate Calorie Counter App In 2019.


FatSecret is the easiest to use calorie counter and most effective weight loss and dieting app. Keep track of your nutrition, exercise, food and many more. It has a community feature that gives you extra knowledge about foods. FatSecret is the easiest calorie counter app on android. This app reminds of meals, journal, and weigh-ins. If you have a Google Fit app it can connect the Google Fit app for the best health results. There are many things that a FatSecret app can do, so download it first and try it out.

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HiKi app is the best Calorie Calculator and Calorie Counter App. It tracks fat, proteins, calories, and carbohydrates on a daily bases. It reminds you how much water you should consume daily and how much water you need to drink. HiKi has a PCF calculation, Body mass index, fat percentage, and calorie allowance. HiKi is the best app for tracking food intake. You can access the food data stored on the device without data or WiFi.


The Track can count your calories and nutrition less than one minute per day. It can track food intake, exercise, nutrients, weight and weight progress, water intake and calorie. It has more than 500K + foods on their database which will help you easily get the best results from your food. The track has an advanced recipe creation tool for logging custom recipes in a minute. It can help you to understand exactly what you’re putting into your body. This app allows you to think critically about the micronutrients on your food and to weed out things that are most costly to your health. Overall Track is the best Calorie Counter App for Android devices.


MyPlate is one of the best calorie counter app. It is the most rated and most loved app in the play store as a fitness category. Great for tracking your macronutrients, foods, diet, daily exercise many more and helping you stay on point with your diet. If you are trying to lose weight healthy and effectively, Myplate is the best and easiest calorie counter app. You can see your daily progress on a statistics page. It has a free and paid version and even with the free version, you have access to quite several statistics.

EasyFit Kcal Counter

EasyFit Kcal Counter helps you learn about what you eat and how to create a balanced diet while tracking exercise. It can track your food, water consumption, weight/waist progress, exercise and many more. This app contains 1500+ food items also you can add own foods. This application does not ask for any permission. It gives you 100% privacy from collecting and selling anything. EasyFit Kcal Counter is the best app for calorie counting and fitness tracker.

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Nutracheck -Calorie Counter+

Nutracheck is the best nutrition app for android. This app is much clearer than other calorie counting apps. It’s interface UI clear and easy to use. This app does everything for you. It has a barcode scanner that scans your food and gives you calories information for the best result. Nutracheck sets you a daily target for water, vegetable, and foods.oVerall it is the Best Calorie Counter App In 2019.


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