Top 11 best camera app for android 2019(Updated)


Hello, guys welcome to my new article where I am going to talk about, the top 11 best camera app for Android in 2019. As you know, today every person wants to click good photos, and that good photo comes from an excellent camera. That excellent camera should be in a superb setting. A unique setting can found in the excellent camera app. Here are the best camera apps that can download on Android.

best camera app for android

Sweet Camera

Sweet Camera is a great camera app. It has a cute filter and high quality. It is specially designed for girls and can be used by boys too. The sweet Camera has a lot of unique features. It can find a variety of lipstick, eyes, eye shadow, eyeliner, eyebrow, eye color, blush and contour that make you beautiful without the actual makeup. The sweet Camera has many stickers that can be used to create a weird face. Overall, It has many features that make a really good photo. This app is the best photo editor and the best camera app

YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is the excellent photo clicker and editor app in android. It has a simple UI interface and easy to use. You can improve your image by removing waste items from your photos. You can take a beautiful image and video that you can change into different filters. Click selfie and it will make perfect selfie in just one tap with beautifying, as well as removing acenes, blemishes, and smoothing wrinkles.


CameraMx is a free and simple camera app for android phones. You can create a beautiful animation gif and share them on social media. It has a simple interface that is easy to use. If you have a low megapixel camera on your mobile, it takes great photos and videos. As usually, CameraMx has a lot of image filters. It gives great clear bright pictures even in low light. You must try CameraMx once. Believe me, CameraMX is one of the best camera apps for android 2019.


Have you ever heard of the name BeautyPlus? Hmm, I think everyone knows this app. BeautyPlus has been my favorite camera app since 2015. More than 800 million people downloaded this app. They improve their features with each update. If your face is ugly, don’t worry, it will make your face look beautiful. This app can resize your eyes, nose, and face. It has a makeup feature for girls where you can put lipstick, eyebrows, blushes, and Hair Dye on your face. BeautyPlus is my favorite camera app and best camera app for android.

HD Camera for Android

I tried many camera apps and I found an HD camera app for Android which is the best. It clicks more clear images than main camera. It doesn’t have many features but if you have a low-quality camera, it will give you more precise photos. I recommend you to download this camera app on your Android device.

Candy Camera

You can take beautiful images anytime and anywhere from Candy Camera. Candy Camera is the best beauty camera for android. You can create a beautiful image as well as a beautiful video. It contains many filters that can be used to create a wonderful picture. Create a collage of photos and share them to social media. With this application, you can resize and enhance your face and body. Candy camera apps download from below,

HD Camera

The HD camera app is neither bad nor very good, it has a good camera. You can download HD Camera on your device. It has the same features as the main camera but slightly better quality. After clicking good photos, you can crop, change brightness, photos, add filters and more. Overall, download this app and try it out. If you find this app is working well on your device, keep it.

Sweet Face Camera

Sweet Face camera is the best fun camera app for android. You can make beautiful GIFs and there are a bunch of fits stickers. Make funny faces and share your images with family, friends or social media. I think girls are crazy about this camera app because it has everything available, that girls love more than boys. It has a real-time beauty affect where you can remove acne, blemishes, and pimples from your face and get flawless skin.

Silent Camera

The silent camera gives the picture good quality that looks natural and HD. This app gives you the best zoom and focus. You can click images without a shutter sound that helps you to take photos quietly. It also has a photo editing feature to make a better picture. Some of the best features are zoom, touch shutter, image size select, color effect, many more.


Retrica camera one of my best camera app for android. It is a famous app for a beauty camera and a filter camera. You can make beautiful photo collages and GIFs. Retrica is a camera app with a variety of colors and light for taking your beautiful scene. It also gives a variety of blur effects, aspect ratio, zoom and more. The camera quality is better than other camera apps. It has both a free and paid version. For extra features, you have to pay some money. Believe me or faint?, This is the best camera app for android 2019.

B612 -Beauty & Filter Camera

B612 is the best and popular camera app on android devices. It has beautiful filters, makeup, beautify option and cute stickers. You can shape your face and make a video with beautiful background music. It has a lot of features like stickers, filters, and effects that can use free of cost. I recommend downloading B612 on your device, you will love it.

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