99 Dead Pirates – high octane action offline game in 2019


99 Dead Pirates is the high octane best offline action game. It has good graphics and a good background sound. The animations are fluid and really nicely made while the gameplay is simple and enjoyable.

99 Dead Pirates Review

If you are looking high octane action offline game, 99 Dead Pirates can fulfill your desire. It has a realistic action that seems to be real. This is a new action game so there are so many things that will be better in the near future.

The story and idea are different than others any action game. It is simple and the simpleness makes it very challenging. You must be careful while fighting with the enemy.

This is a very addictive game. The atmosphere and the background sound with fluid animation are just mindblowing. I have been playing this game since release.

You will get new weapons and clothes after reaching the highest level. The movement of the character is awesome especially while attacking an enemy.

Sometimes it crashes on the lowest devices due to RAM and processor. If you have a good processor, it will run smoothly.

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It has a new concept that is very interesting and addictive. But, There are a lot of things that must be improved. It has good control but needs improvement. The New levels and different enemies should be in the new updates. I think the developer will make this game better. Overall, 99 Dead Pirates is the most addictive game. I recommend downloading this game on your Android device.


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