Trial game tips and tricks – best offline adventure game


Do you like adventure games? I think you like. The trial is the best offline adventure game where you can explore different places and challenging journey.

Trial game Story Overview

The challenging journey starts from 0 km to 13 km. Every 0.5 there is a one fire camp where you can restore stamina and sell the things that you collected while walking on the path.

The game is smooth but the graphic seems like a cartoonist.You can collect all the things that are available in the path

You need to eat the apple or fruits to increase the stamina. It has beautiful background music which gives a relaxing feel while playing the game. You are not the only adventurous, there are many others too and You may accept the new challenges for special gifts.

You can trade collected items in a camp. It has a unique advertisement system that can use for gifts. The game is a combination of life simulation and RPG. You can craft weapons and hunts animals. Overall, I love this game and I hope you also like it.

Tips and tricks

1) Don’t Run

You have to walk slowly because, if you run, you will lose stamina quickly and can not collect items. You can decrease running speed by swiping down.

2) collect needed items

You have to collect needed items like fruits for stamina and plants for making clothes.If you haven’t enough items to survive the journey, you must collect items from the beginning of the game

3) Walk with other Players

You should walk with other players for more items. Other players survive the same as you. They collect items and hunt the animals. If you walk with other players, you can steal their items. But be careful, they can also steal your items.

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