Call Of Duty Mobile New Update: Halloween Event


The Halloween Update is now available for Call Of Duty Mobile. Many Games are now updating because of the Halloween season. Call of Duty Mobile has just launched in many countries. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, read our previous article and download it. In this update, there are a lot of things added such as new themes, a new mode, Free weapons and many more. The new update is slowly rolling out to all countries.

Call Of Duty Mobile New Update! What’s New

The new call of duty mobile new update brings up the following things,

  • New skin
  • New Halloween theme
  • Free weapon
  • Halloween music
  • Standoff MP Map gets a scary Look
  • You can earn the brand new sparrow operator skills
  • Reduced close-range damage on Type 25
  • New mode “Sniper Only” added
  • Zombies mode is coming soon

New Halloween theme and Background

In the game, there are lots of Halloweens things are added. You can see Halloween things during the game. You can see the new Halloween lobby. All the background, music and Theme are scary.

New mode “Sniper Only” added

New Mode Sniper only added in the new update. In this mode, Kill players on the opposing team with only snipers and the first team to reach the score limit wins.

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