PUBG Mobile Payload Mode 0.15.0 Here|Helicoper and Many More


PUBG Mobile Payload Mode 0.15.0: Finally, officially launched Payload mode in the new update 0.15.5 in a PUBG Mobile. There is a lot of things added in the mode such as a helicopter, guns, rocket launcher and many more. This is the best mode yet.

PUBG Mobile Payload Mode 0.15.0 Tips and Tricks

The Players will be a drop in a small area on an erangel map with heavy guns and helicopter. There you can fly a helicopter and fight against the enemy. You can get the heavy guns like a rocket launcher and missile launcher to defeat the enemy

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Recall Teammates

In the PUBG Mobile new update, You can revive your teammate after death through the ID Card. You can find the ID card on your dead teammate crate. Pick up the ID card and go to the nearest tower and click the Recall button. Your teammates will come through the plane. The ID cards of death teammates can be picked within 120 seconds of their death. Any players can bring back multiple teammates by using their Id cards at the communication tower.


Helicopters added to Payload Mode 0.15.0. Find a helicopter from the nearest place and take them into battle. It’s fun to drive a helicopter and shoot down an enemy from a helicopter. However, a helicopter flight is unsafe because enemies can see or hear voices from the ground so they can easily shoot at the helicopter.

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Super-Weapon Crate

You get the superweapon crate in this update. You get the heavy weapons in the superweapon crate. Normally, it is available all over the map. It contains airdrop weapons such as level 3 armor, payload mode weapons and many more.

Vehicle Repair Pack

If the vehicle get damage during the match, the vehicle repair pack can repair the damage to the vehicle. It is very useful and can be found near BRDM and other vehicles.

New Gun added In PUBG Mobile 0.15.0

New gun added in the new update. The New pistols called Desert Eagle added in 0.15.0 to all maps. It gives high damage.

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