Top 6 best background blurring app for Android in 2020


If you are a photo editor or enthusiast of photo editor, you may need a background blurring app. I am not a photo editor but I am using blurring apps to get clear photos. The Blurring app can blur the unwanted background scene of images. I think more than 90 % of photo editors’ apps have a blur effect, but they are too heavy in a size. Today, I am going to talk about the best apps that blur the background.

Best background blurring app

Blur Image Background

Blur Image Background is an amazing blurring app that can easily blur your picture in a simple touch. This app allowed you to create an awesome blurred effect exactly where you wanted it. This blur image app is easy to use. It has a focus tool that can focus your image on a blur effect. You can select the brush size and visibility of the blur effect.

Point Blur ( Partial blur) DSLR

Point Blur DSLR gives you an awesome background blur effect on your photos like a professional photographer. You can blur unnecessary things from your image. Point Blur DSLR is too easy to handle that even a normal person can edit pics. If you are searching for an app that can blur the image background of your photos, It is perfect.

DSLR Blur PIP Effect

This app provides multiple blur style like a gaussian blur, mosaic blur, quick blur, blur background, auto blur, and normal blur. DSLR Blur PIP effect app allows you to create templates, shapes, normal blur in the same effect. This app helps to blur the background of any images, focus, unnecessary object, or anything. It has an awesome shape blur feature that allows your photos to get into different angles. But a lot of ads can irritate you while editing a photo to be better always offline. This is the best background blurring app for Android.

Blur Background DSLR

Blur Background DSLR app can blur your images and can blur the background manually or automatically using this background blurring photo editor app. This app is very easy to use and has a pretty much higher resolution with HD quality. Some excitement features like adjustment and highlights shadow adjustment shine the app. If you want to make your background blurry, download this app. Although the only problem is too many ads but you can use it offline.

Blur Background Dslr Download From Playstore↗

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Blur Photo – Blur Image Background

Blur Photo is an amazing new background blurring app. Using this app you can select and give it a blurry effect to look beautiful blur photo. It has a good blurry effect in form of photo blur and shape blur. This app has a simple design and user-friendly interface. It has many editing options so edit like a pro. Overall, a nice app you can use it.

Photo Editor Blur Background & Photo Enhancer App

Fadeaway the annoying or unwanted background by this awesome blur photo editor. This app will let you focus on the pointed area of your images to make you look stunning without any mistake. You can shoot from the professional camera to look beautiful in your picture. There are two shapes diamond and funky and it’s a child. Simply choose photos from the gallery which you are going to change in the blur photo editor app or use the selfie camera. This one is my favorite background blurring app.

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