5 Best Video Cutter App for Android to Cut and Trim Video Easily


Hello Guys, Usually, we download videos from YouTube. But there is a problem with the YouTube video that introduces the channel or something else. There are many video cutter App that can be cut and trim useless clips from videos. We let you know the best video and song cutter app for android.

YouCut – Video editor &video maker

YouCut is the #1 video cutter android app that has the top features. You can cut and trim video to the length you need, and make a wondrous video. It doesn’t give you a watermark on your videos. YouCut is a free app that doesn’t sell any ads. You can change the background color, add new filters, add nicely music, compress and convert video, slideshow maker and many more. I think this is the best apps to cut videos.

AndroVid- Video cutter app, Video Editor App

AndroVid is an easy to use and best photo cutter, editor and trimmer app for Tiktok videos, youtube videos, and other videos. You can trim and cut redundant parts of videos, merge videos, add music, add fx and filter, change video aspect, rotate and flip, etc. All the tools in the AndroVid are a perfect and extremely easy app for cutting videos. It has all the features that we need to edit Fabolous videos.


VidTrim is the best video trimmer app that includes multiple features like Merging, Trimming, grabbing, video effect, extract audio, convert video to mp3, and more. This app supported many more languages such as Turkish, German, French, Russian, Chinese, English, etc. If you are trying to shorten the video instant but unable to do so, VidTrim is the best video trimmer and video cutter application for android.

Easy Video Cutter

Easy Video Cutter is another app that is very useful for merge and cute videos. You can cut video, merge video, extract MP3, mute video, rotate video 90 degrees to 270 degrees, add filters and more. Easy Video cutter can convert your video into an animated GIF file. You can access all images, edited videos, MP3 song files, and GIFs in one place. It gives you the option to render as a whole file without encoding.

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Video Audio Cutter

If you want to make ringtone by cutting audio or video, the Video Cutter app can make your mp3 ringtone fast with this app. It supports MP3 audio, WAV, MP4, and most other music formats. You can cut music, trim music, cut video and trim, make ringtone, etc. This app is a very beneficial and simply excellent interface with powerful features. Only one thing can irritate you while editing audio or video, that is ads but you can either upgrade to premium or watch ads to rids from irritating.

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