Marvel Super War Beta Released on Android & IOS! Download It


Marvel Super War Beta has been released on android and ios in Asian countries. The game is currently launched in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, and the Philippines. For other regions, you must use a VPN to play this game.

Marvel Super War Game Review

This Marvel Super War game developed by Netease games which is marvel’s first MOBA game on mobile. If you are a big fan of the Marvel universe, you will love to play different superhero characters in the game. You can play your favorite character choosing heroes and villains. Each character has their personal special power.

This is a 5v5 arena real-time battle game. You can team up with your friends and choose favorite superheroes or villains. It is X-men v/s avenger, Deadpool v/s spiderman, ironman v/s captain marvel.

Game features

  • Simple control and High action
  • Team up 5v5 real-time
  • Superhero vs super villains
  • Decent combat and balanced gameplay
  • Good graphics, as usual in MOBA games
  • Heroes appearance same as the movie, comics, and other games
  • Well background music

If you are not in Asian countries, you have to use a VPN with those region servers. Download UFO VPN or whatever you used in the past but must be connected in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, and the Philippines ( recommend to download UFO Vpn and connect with Philippines or India servers). The Marvel Super War is in the beta phase. In the future, they improve their combat, graphics, music, etc.

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Requirement Minimum Specification for this game

IOS = iPhone 5s+

Android : CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 425, Ram: 2GB, GPU: Adreno 308, OS: Android 5.1 and plus

Marvel Super War Beta Download From Playstore↗ / Tap Tap↗


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