Bright Memory Mobile Game Now available on Android


Bright Memory is coming to mobile after getting success from the console. This is a first-person action shooting game. Bright Memory Mobile has launched a test server to get gameplay feedback for future updates. You can also pre-register for the game. Here is the detailed review of this game.

Bright Memory Mobile Detailed Review

This is a first-person action shooting game, the players can control abilities and create a set of impressive combos with a combination of skills. It has high realistic physics and graphics that make you feel like you’re playing a game on the console. You must fight with the different creatures in the game. Some creatures have a high ability which is not possible without having a high ability with good skills.

The game has a simple UI interface. The gameplay is smooth and the virtual joystick can be adjusted. The joystick is not as smooth but it’s ok. Bright Memory Mobile has many weapons and power ability to defend the enemy. The weapon has a holographic red dots and the mirror is more accurate. There are many skills and abilities which is held by lady character such as cool down dodge skills, Knife beam, remote hook lock, etc. The rich skills make the bracing combat effect.

Bright Memory Mobile download
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The background music is scary and the plot is dubbed in a great effort. The texture of the game environment and enemies is dull. If it has more graphics setting, it can run some middle-class devices. The developer team can learn from other high-quality games in terms of image quality, shadow processing and try to optimize it as much as possible. This game can run in high-end devices so low-end device users can’t play this game.

Bright Memory Game Features

  • Great physic and great gameplay
  • Simple UI interface
  • High-end battle with creatures
  • A lot of ability and weapons
  • An adventure story of SRO
  • Console gameplay experience

Device Requirement

  1. RAM 3GB or Above
  2. System: Android 9.0 or above
  3. Minimum CPU: Snapdragon 820

Bright Memory download on Android (play store pre-register)

Download On TAP(Download Test)

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Bright memory mobile android release date?

Bright memory mobile currently in a beta phase. You can download and play it. This beta phase (trail) will resume shortly after its completion.


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