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Moonshades a dungeon crawler RPG is a first-person offline RPG game for android. The style of the game seems to give the feeling of old RPG games. The game is an excellent blend of modern skills and loots with classic dungeon platforms and monsters. Here is the detailed Review of Moonshades: A Dungeon RPG.

Moonshades Detailed Review

This is a first-person offline adventure RPG game. The gameplay, graphics, and control are good and it is well optimized for low-end devices. A wonderful dungeon crawler, filled with puzzles, quests, loot and secret places. In the game, you have to control two different players in a hand. It has tons of fun and reminds you of the old school games. Moonshades a dungeon crawler RPG has some fair challenges to it like finding hidden areas or needed key. You can get lots of enemies behind the secret things and defeat them to survive.

Sometimes gameplay is a little difficult because you need to open some doors by the key, and finding the key is difficult. Some enemies aren’t overpowered and you have to wait to get certain items again. This game enjoyable to play and it doesn’t give you ads.

Moonshades: A Dungeon RPG Offline Game

Moonshades A dungeon crawler RPG Features

  • This game is completely ad-free
  • You don’t have to spend money, it’s free
  • You can fight in real-time for fabulous loot
  • Discover other explorers traces
  • Thousand of upgradable items such as weapons, armors, accessories, etc
  • Investigation of the wonder of the magic forge
  • It feels like you to play 90s games and old school games
  • Very easy to use interface
  • beautiful graphics

Device Requirement

  1. RAM 1GB or Above
  2. System: Android 4.0 or above
  3. Minimum CPU: Snapdragon

Overall, This game is fun and enjoyable.

Moonshades Game Download on Android↗

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