PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 update brings Season 11, What’s new


PUBG Mobile will be going to update the 0.16.5 version with Season 11.PUBG Mobile season 10 is about to end and as always we are expecting new updates with new season 11. A new season will be live on 10th January. PUBG Mobile Season 11 will start from 10th January Friday at 7:45 am NST.

PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 What’s new

The new update will bring a host of new features such as skins, new themes, new outfits, accessories, etc. A new theme of Season 11 is unique and stylish that will be loved by everyone. The m416 skin is added to the royal pass which is lovable and stylish. There are two Royal Pass, Elite Upgrade and Elite Upgrade Plus that are always available every season.

If you will make 100 RP in Season 11, you will get 600 UC free without spending money.

Here are all the items that are coming in the new update,

  • M416 skin
  • Stylish bags skin
  • Stylish Pan skin
  • One helmet skin
  • New parachute
  • New black male/female outfits
  • New emote
  • Mini-14 skin might be in level 60
  • 100 RP Rewards
  • New characters and voice chat

You can watch this video for more info ( credit: Mr, Ghost Gaming)

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